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The physical condition of folk singer Kangalini Sufia, who was admitted to Enam Med­ical College Hospital in Savar with severe illness on Tuesday, is still in critical condition.
Dr Mahbubur Rahman, registrar of the Coronary Care Unit (CCU) of Enam Medical College Hospital, said that Kanglini Sufia has several problems including irregularities of blood circulation in her brain and complications in heart. She is undergoing treatment under the supervision of Prof Dr Moin Uddin, he said.
But there is a possibility to improve her condition within next three to five days, he added.
Kangalini Sufia received many awards for her contributions to folk music.
Her popular songs include ‘Buri Hoilam Tor Karone’, ‘Konba Pothey Nitaiganj Jai’, ‘Amra Nari Koto Koshto Kori’, ‘Ei Boro Ajab Kudrati’ and many more.