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Habibullah Mizan
The leaders and workers of Dr Kamal led BNP alliance are not engaged in election campaign in their respective constituencies though the poll is knocking at the door.
If they had good intentions to participate in the polls, they would have been busy with their election preparations.
Dr. Kamal and his BNP allies are still struggling to foment anti-government movement in the country. They are threatening to punish the government rather than going door to door to meet the people for their support in incoming polls.
Even while addressing a rally in Chattogram on Saturday, Dr Kamal threatened the government saying they would have to face unimaginable punishment if they did not meet the Jatiya Oikyafront’s 7-point demand. According to some political analysts, Dr Kamal and his allies main objective is to create anarchic situation in the country, not participate in the polls. Though it is too late to create mass movement against the government, Kamal Hossain and other alliance leaders continue to utter provocative words.
Dr Kamal Hossain and his allies are restlessly trying to bring unelected government again by halting the upcoming parliamentary election.
Referring to the recent remarks of Dr Kamal, who is also the president of Gono Forum, leading political analysts have opined that the motive of the controversial politician has become crystal clear. They are creating hindrance in holding peaceful and credible election.
After formal launching of the so-called Jatiya Oikyafront, Dr Kamal several times said that he neither wants to be the prime minister nor the president, even if his political alliance comes to power. Now the question arises that if they do not go to the polls what they are doing exactly.
In the past, Dr Kamal was allegedly involved in conspiracy to bring General Ershad in power by unconstitutional means. During his entire carrier, he secretly worked against people’s mandate. In 1986, no opposition parties joined in the election. But he misled the Awami League and convinced and compelled them to join in the polls under the autocratic Ershad regime.
In defiance of the AL central committee, the decision, unilaterally taken by Kamal, was proved wrong and detrimental to the party image and joining the polls was actually giving recognition to the fallen dictator.
When both Awami League and BNP were fighting against each other over the issue of holding a free and fair election in 2007, Dr Kamal in connivance with Dr Yunus allegedly masterminded to bring military backed infamous Fakruddin-Moeen Uddin duo to power.
Dr Kamal publicly opined that Dr Fakruddin-led unelected government can stay in power indefinitely and it would not be any violation of the constitution.
Though he always introduced himself as the top constitutional expert, he raised so many unconstitutional demands including claiming that the government must declare the polls schedule only after consulting with Oikyafront.
As per constitution, the government is not liable to announce election schedule. It is the absolute power of the Election Commission, which is solely an independent and constitutional body of the state.
Warning the government of dangerous consequences, not only Dr Kamal, his several colleagues demanded announcement of the national polls schedule after consulting with the alliance.
Another controversial politician Jatiya Samajtantrik Dal President ASM Abdur Rab also threatened the government with dire consequences if they do not hold dialogue before announcing polls schedule.
People voted their own representatives to rule the government for five years and those elected people run government on behalf of the voters. But Dr Kamal is misleading the mass people in this regard.
He is trying to make the people understand that the current government had hijacked their ownership.
He said that if the government denies fulfilling their seven-point demands, it will face such severe punishment they cannot even imagine.
However, most of their seven-point demands including holding of the election under a non-partisan interim government, dissolution of parliament before the polls, is completely unconstitutional, said conscious citizens.
Though former prime minister and BNP chief Khaleda Zia has been awarded five-year jail in a graft case filed by the caretaker government, Dr Kamal Hossain threatened the current elected government of the jail life of Khaleda Zia. He said, “…. the government will be liable for every hour of her imprisonment.”
Though government employees are servant of the republic, BNP central standing committee member Khandaker Mosharraf Hossain instigated them to violate their service rules.
He urged them not to carry out the order of the current government saying that it is the last time Sheikh Hasina in the office.
Mahmudur Rahman Manna, convenor of Nagorik Oikya, said, “The election would be held after ousting them from power”.
He also illegally blamed the government for keeping Khaleda in prison.
Zafarullah Chowdhury of Gonoshasthaya Kendra, who brought completely false allegation against the army chief, also threatened that within the next ten days, the situation of the country would be dramatically changed.
After analysing all of these remarks and political activities, most of the political observers said Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina would bring the country in a landmark place if she voted to power again.
There will be no competitor of Sheikh Hasina if she can peacefully rules the country on the second consecutive terms.
That is why, Dr Kamal and his alliance are hatching conspiracy one after another to resist Sheikh Hasina from re-electing through people verdict.
Since Dr Kamal led alliance has no chance to come in power in a free and fair election, he is trying to bring unelected government only to resist Sheikh Hasina.