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Junior School Certificate (JSC) and Junior Dakhil Certificate (JDC) examinations this year begin today (Thursday).
A total of 26,70,333 students from 29,677 educational institutions will sit for the examinations at 2,903 centres across the country. JSC examinees from general schools will take Bangla first paper test on the first day while the madrasa students or JDC examinees will sit for Quran Mazid and Tazbid. A total of 22,67,343 students — 10,43,752 boys and 12,23,591 girls — will sit for the JSC examination, while 4,02,990 examinees — 179,980 boys and 2,23,010 girls — for the JDC examination, raising the total to 26,70,333.
Some 2,46,353 irregular students will also take part in the JSC examination while 34,251 in the JDC. The number of special students in JSC is 1,30,785 while 30,548 in JDC. Besides, 578 students will sit for the JSC and JDC in nine overseas centres.
The JSC examinations will end on November 15 while JDC on November 14. In 2017, a total of 24, 68,820 examinees appeared at the JSC and JDC examinations.
The examination, which replaced the scholarship tests, was introduced in 2010 when around 14.92 lakh students participated in the test across the country.