A memorial in front of Shahid Golam Mostafa High School at Bishoykhali Bazer in Jhenidah to show respect to the martyred freedom fighters. Photo: BP

Delwar Kabir, Jhenidah
Jhenidah sub-divisional town, now district headquarters was freed from the occupying Pakistani forces and their collaborators on December 6 of 1971 after the nine-month long armed fighting. It was one of the important face to face fighting with the occupiers in Jhenidah.
Makbul Hossain, ex-commander of Bangladesh Muktijoddha Sangshad Jhenidah district unit command said, the freedom fighters said the first face to face armed fighting tool place in the then sub division where over 40 people including the freedom fighters were killed brutally on April 14.
They said after a two-day drive, the peace loving Bengali soldiers had dissected the bridge near Bishoykhali Bazer. As the occupying forces were not informed about disconnection of the road from the bridge, a number of soldiers on some jeeps and pick-up vans fell into the river Begaboti. Most of them were killed, while remaining sustained severe injuries.
To take revenge, the occupying forces conducted drives from Jashore cantonment and killed over 40 people at Bishoykhali Bazer and surrounding areas. The freedom fighters Dukhi Mahmud, Sadar Uddin, Khalilur Rahman, Nazir Uddin, Abdul Kuddus, Golam Mostafa, Enamul Haque, Kazi Badiul Alam and some others were killed. The matter was aired by British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), France News Agency, Australia Radio and some other radio stations. They admired the role of the brave Bengali heroes.
Veteran freedom fighter and ex-commander of Bangladesh Muktijoddha Sangshad Sailkupa thana unit command RahmatAli Mantu said, after the Bishoykhali battle, a number of fighting took place at Alphapur, Abaipur, Kamanna and some other places. The then sub divisional police officer (SDPO) of Jhenidah subdivision Mahbub Uddin led the freedom fighters.
They said the freedom fighters with the assistance of Alliance Force of India started marching towards Jhenidah since late November of
1971 led the fighting with the occupying forces.
The Indian soldiers deployed their fighting strategy with all out strength. It had strengthened the speed of the freedom fighters.
At last the result of the fighting came in favour of the Bengalees and Jhenidah town was freed from the clutch of the occupying forces on December 6 in 1971 finally.
Jhenidah municipal authority constructed a memorial at Chuadanga bus stand in Jhenidah to show respect to the martyred. The administration also constructed a memorial in front of Shahid Golam Mostafa High School at Bishoykhali Bazer, about 10 kilometres south from the district headquarters of Jhenidah.