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Rangpur Correspondent
A house was robbed in Pirgachha of Rangpur when miscreants tied up the owner’s daughter and looted 47 grams of gold jewellery, taka 2,50,000 in cash and land title deeds at the dead of night on Thursday.
Local sources said, homeowner Foyzar Rahman from Rahmatchar village of Tambulpur union and his younger brother Afaz Uddin had a long standing dispute over inherited property. On Thursday night Foyzar Rahman and his family members went to a relative’s house, with his daughter Beauty Begum (28) staying home alone. Later at night Afaz Uddin along with 10-12 well known miscreants broke into the house with sharp weapons. They beat and tied up Beauty Begum and looted the land deeds, gold and cash from a steel safe.
Foyzar Rahman confirmed the incident, saying his own brother and his son had done the robbery along
with others.