With the film being released across the country, ‘Debi’ is still finding ways to surprise the audience in new unique ways. On Sunday audience at Silver Screen in Chattogram were shocked to see both Jaya Ahsan and Sabnam Faria; the leading actors of ‘Debi’, selling tickets at the ticket counter for the movie’s premier. Both actors sat the ticket counter around noon, selling tickets and interacting with the audiences.
“It was good to surprise the audience. On the contrary, I got to know how tickets are sold. Overall it was a new experience”, added Jaya.
Both Jaya and Sabnam are currently in Chattagram along with the ‘Debi’ team for the films publicity. Around 12 in the noon they visited the city’s renowned Almas hall. After completing their visit, they went straight to Sliver Screen. Over there, they sold tickets in the ticket booth for half an hour. Earlier lead actor Chanchal Chowdhury along with Jaya, created uproar by presenting news in Maasranga Television before for the films premier.
The movie released on October 19 is still garnering lot of interest from the audience. Audiences are crowding several cinema halls across the country to see their beloved character of Misir Ali on the silver screen.

Staff Correspondent