Winter vegetables displayed in market. File photo

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The Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE) has fixed a target of cultivating winter vegetables on 17,010 hectares of land in the district during the current Robi season.
DAE sources said the department is expecting that farmers of the district would produce 3,54,659 metric tonnes winter vegetables this year.

The farmers have already cultivated various kinds of winter vegetables on 15, 500 hectares of land till November 23. Of the total, the farmers cultivated tomato on 1407 hectares, brinjal on 3967 hectares, cucumber on 338 hectares, cabbage on 318 hectares, cauliflower on 424 hectares, palangshak on 330 hectares, lalshak on 896 hectares, bottle gourd on 1340 hectares, bitter guard on 316 hectares, bean on 1126 hectares, radish on 1568 hectares, papaya on 112 hectares, arum on 295 hectares, laushak on 485 hectares, mulashak on 493 hectares and kalmishak on 113 hectares.

Bangladesh Agriculture Development Corporation (BADC) allotted 3062 kilograms of vegetable seeds for distribution among the farmers in the district during the current season.