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Habibullah Mizan
Radical student organisation Islami Chattra Shibir has completed its all-out preparation to kill targeted leaders of the progressive student organisations ahead of the next general election.
Highly trained Shibir cadres have arrived in the capital and taken shelter in various localities. They are working in different ride-sharing services like Uber, Pathao, Shohoj to dodge police and to ease their rekey of their targets. They are trying to restrain BCL leaders from participating in the election campaign in favour of Bangladesh Awami League.
The war crimes scandal hit Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islam backed terror organisation has already killed a BCL leader in a bid to demoralize the BCL leaders. According to the sources, Jamaat-Shibir cadres stabbed a leader of BCL to death in city’s Karail area Thursday night. Police identified the deceased as Rakib Hossain, 25, president of No. 19 ward unit of BCL. Quoting eyewitness account, police said a group of Shibir cadres swooped down on Rakib while he along with his friend Nur Islam was standing beside an Ansar camp in the area around 11:45pm.
They stabbed Rakib and his friend indiscriminately, leaving them critically injured.
Rakib died after he was whisked to Dhaka Medical College Hospital while Nur Islam was admitted to the hospital.
BCL leaders alleged that Rakib was killed by Shibir cadres to stop BCL leaders from campaigning. However, BCL leaders vowed to start massive campaign for boat ignoring threats by Jamaat-Shibir.
Shibir has finalized its plan for creating a terrorizing situation in the country to disrupt the next polls. They have drawn a list of popular BCL leaders to launch attack on them.
The law enforcing agencies came to know about the plan after a series of arrests of Jamaat-Shibir leaders in the recent time. After arrest, a top Shibir cadre disclosed the deadly plan. During the interrogation, many arrested Shibir leaders disclosed that Jamaat leaders had instructed Shibir activists to attack BCL activists and leaders during the election. They have also set up secret training camps across the city so that they can efficiently attack and kill these BCL leaders. Special trained group members of Shibir are planning to launch attack on BCL leaders to make them inactive during the election. By attacking BCL leaders, Shibir is trying to break their mental strength.

Shibir leaders think that if they can break mental strength of BCL leaders and workers and make them inactive, then they can manipulate the election results without difficulties. By hock and by crock, Shibir is trying to defeat Awami League and bring the BNP -Jamaat led Jatiya Oikyafront to power in the next election.
As part of the plan, Shibir cadres and leaders have started to hide in secret locations in different places. To avoid arrest they are not even taking part in political activities and programmes. Law enforcement agencies are assuming that these leaders and activists are getting training while in their hideouts.
Agencies have information that these terrorists are planning on attacking in a big scale. Eminent political analysts say Shibir’s main purpose is to make the country unstable and that is why they are targeting leaders of BCL activists. If BCL is crippled then Oikyafront can win the election by manipulating the result and that can be done without any difficulty. Another purpose is if Shibir can help Oikyafront to win the election, then it will have a positive impact on Dr Kamal and his associates about Shibir.
Sources said Jamaat-Shibir is prepared for any kind of situation regarding participating or not participating in the election. And their whole plan is circled around creating terrorism in the country. Organizational documents of Shibir have revealed this alarming information. These documents also unveiled their blueprints of the attack. Shibir activists used mosques, bachelor messes and secret places to gather and plan in the past but now they are getting technologically advanced. They are now using different types of apps like Telegram, Viber and so on.
A reliable source informed that they are using these apps to convey the lists of BCL leaders who are to be attacked. According to the survey report of IHS Jane’s Terrorism and Insurgency Center, Barisan Revolusi Nasional of Thailand is the number one counter state armed organization. Taliban is the second organization in the list. Then Islami Chhatra Shibir is holding the third position. And now this extremist terrorist organization is planning on killing BCL leaders of each district before the election.