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The Election Commission (EC) on Monday published a gazette notification through scraping the registration of fundamentalist party Jamaat-e-Islami, ruling them out from any election henceforth.
The gazette notification, dated October 28, was published from the EC in this regard on Monday. through the gazette notification it has been officially confirmed that Jamaat has become ineligible to take part in any election from now on.
The move comes five years after the High Court declared Jamaat an illegal party.
The circular said, “Jamaat-e-Islami applied for registration as a political party under the Representation of the People’s Order Ordinance 1972. In this perspective, Jamaat was given registration on 4 November 2008. The party’s registration number was 14. in the contxt of the HC verdict over a writ petition (No. 630) filed with the court in 2009, the party’s registration number has been cancelled under section 90 (H) of the RPO.”
The circular was undersigned by EC Secretary Helaluddin Ahmad.
it may be mentioned here that Jamaat-e-Islami is a religion-based political party and it did not believe in independence and sovereignty of Bangladesh when the War of Liberation took place in 1971.
However, since independence, the party has been operating in Bangladesh. It even formed a coalition government with the BNP during 2001-06 rule.
Their top leaders have been tried and convicted as war criminals – responsible for committing crimes against humanity during the liberation war of 1971.
On August 1, 2013, the High Court declared illegal the registration of Jamaat-e-Islami with the EC.
Bangladesh Tariqat Federation’s Secretary General Rezaul Haque Chandpuri and 24 others filed the writ petition on January 25, 2009.
In the petition, they said Jamaat-e-Islami was a religion-based political party and it did not believe in independence and sovereignty of Bangladesh.
On November 14, 2008, the EC listed Jamaat as a registered political party in violation of the Constitution and the spirit of the RPO Ordinance, 2008, petitioners said.
During the judgement, two judges of the three-panel bench, declared the registration illegal after accepting the writ petition.