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Parvez Amin directed drama series ‘Jalaputro’ has hit Deepto TV on 10 March 2018, airing from Saturday to Thursday. The drama’s shooting was done in Kuakata based on screenplay by Mohi Muhammad and has been produced by RGB.
Adapted from the novel by Harishankar Jaladas, the drama is casting Shahiduzzaman Selim, Azad Abul Kalam, Ashish Khondoker, Rawnak Hasan, Runa Khan, Nadia Nodi, Monira Mithu, Anisul Haque Milon, Arja, Mahmudul Islam Mithu among others.
The story revolves around a fishing village and its inhabitants. Bhuboneshhori is a character whose husband hasn’t returned from the sea for over five years and she is the sole bread earner of her family after the disappearance. She buys fish and hawks it from door to door and feeds her son and father in law with what meager profits she makes off of selling the fish.
Meanwhile the village head’s wanting of fulfillment of ill wishes towards another fisherman’s wife is quite disconcerting. However, the presence of an elderly sage named Gourango acts as embalmment against the social crisis of the village. He provides medicines to the people in their times of woe and asks them to send their children to the school.
In the midst of all these social stigmas, obstacles and rage of vengeance the lives of the village people goes on. But, in all dark clouds there is a silver lining which gives hope to the people.