Once again the horrific day comes back to haunt us today as we remember the great souls who were brutally murdered inside Dhaka Central Jail on 3 November 1975. It was both brutal and cowardly at the same time because the brutes did not dare to look in the eye of their victims during day time so they had to come in the dead of night and they also needed the safety of the jail so they could kill without having to face any resistance. Four unarmed senior most politicians, former Vice-President Syed Nazrul Islam, former Prime Minister of Bangladesh Tajuddin Ahmad, Captain (Rtd) M Mansur Ali, and former Home Minister A H M Qamaruzzaman, all organisers of the War of Liberation in 1971, stood like heroes inside their jail compartments as the blood thirsty hyenas sprayed bullets on them. The heroes fell as the cowardly beasts fled under cover of darkness to safety.
The next day, the nation received the cruel report and went numb in shock. Only three months back it had lost the father of the nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman in a similar assassination attempt by the same group of deranged men in uniform. The killers, with the support of the defeated forces in the 1971 War of Liberation, carried out the massacre to make the masterminds happy. The masterminds could successfully brainwash some unpatriotic Bengali officers of Bangladesh Army and had their revenge taken for the humiliation suffered in 1971. It was proved once again that quislings are everywhere, in every country.
Bangladesh observes the Jail Killing Day with due solemnity on 3 November each year. The mindless killing of the front ranking leaders who gave leadership in our fight for a sovereign state is condemned by every person on earth. What shocks the people of this country most is the fact that the respected leaders were killed by no outsider but by some Bengalis for whom they fought for decades with the Pakistani rulers and finally snatched victory from their jaws and presented them with a beautiful country – Bangladesh. But the traitors felt no compunction while pulling the triggers, never realised their contribution to the creation of Bangladesh.
The nation will always hate these hyenas from the core of their hearts.