An International research book titled ‘Interfaith in Islam and Muslim World’ written by Dr Iqbal Hossain, a professor of Dawah and Islamic Studies department of Islamic University (IU), has been published from America.

Dr Iqbal told Bangladesh Post that the Interfaith Center of New York in the USA published book. The book has been described into four cantos including Interfaith dialogue in Islam, Interfaith dialogue in the Muslim World, Interfaith dialogue in Bangladesh: ways and peaceful co-existence and Interfaith dialogue: Endorsement of social peace.

In today’s unstable world, the book alerts inter-religious importance of Muslim, while followers of the religions of the world will know about Islam’s inclusive teaching, said the writer.

Interfaith dialogue is a mooted issue in the current world and by the dialogue a group of people from different religious traditions are connected at aimed to cooperative, constructive and positive interactions in their spiritual or humanistic beliefs, at both the individual and institutional levels, writer hoped to explain the issue thorough his book.

The book gathered several ideas of interfaith including establishing religious and fundamental rights of the human world as well as United State of America, Islam is the religious peace known around the world, the importance of inter-religious relations in the light of Islam.

Muhammad Shahidullah, president of the Interfaith Center USA, said that in American’s multicultural society, a book was necessary to explain the position of Islam about the others religions whereas Iqbal’s book fill up the demand.

Dr Isqbal Hossain, son of Moinuddin Ahmed, was born at Dharabanda village under Monohordi upazila in Narsindi district on February 2 in 1974. He obtained his higher education on ‘Faith and Contemporary Society’ from Brikbeck College, University of London, England and achieved his PGC degree on ‘Human Rights’ from University of East Landon.

Alongside a professor of IU, he is a former secretary of IU Teacher’s Association, president of university hall provost council, Rover Scouts Leader of university unit and advisors of several organizations.

Inter-faith speaker and Islamic scholar Dr Iqbal published seventeen books on journalism, interfaith, environment, Islamic Dawah and communication history in Bengal along with 40 articles in national and international academic journals.

IU Correspondent