Staff Correspondent
One of the biggest challenges of today’s capitalist politics is Islamic terrorism. Since the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and the second Balkan War, they have been a thorn on the side of Western civilization. With the passage of time, they managed to spread to every corners of the world, from North America to Europe, Africa and even to the continent of Asia.
With this diabolic view, many youths have travelled far and wide disregarding their family ties or just to escape the poverty and the social stigma prevailing in the society. Their goal is to set up a caliphate and implement Sharia law for their fellow Muslim brethren to protect them from the eternal fires of hell.
Addressing all these issues, Bongorongo Theater staged their drama ‘Sotpoth’ at the Studio Theater Hall of Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy (BSA) on 11 February. The one hour long drama was written and directed by Asif Munir and choreographed by Amit Chowdhury. The drama included four characters which were portrayed by Bipun Chowdhury, Dipankar Dey, Masum Billa and Azufa Akther respectively.
In opening of the drama, we see Khairul Islam Payel (Bipun Chowdhury) a terrorist in custody, being inspected by a security intelligence officer Inspector Haroon (Dipankar Dey). The interaction between these two polar opposite characters portrays a grey picture of the activities of radical organizations trying to create confusion and disarray in our society with the help of the country’s youth. These young men and women who were supposed to lead our nation into a progressive future are being misguided and manipulated by these connoisseurs of terror. On one corner of the stage, we see the corpse of terrorist named Shams. After sometime, we see the introduction of a businessman named Adnan Chowdhury, the father of the slained terrorist followed by Ms Romena (Azufa Akther) the love interest of Shams.
Bongorongo Theater through this production managed to uphold the frustrations, dilemmas and the wrong decisions taken by many of our boys and girls. It is high time, for them to be on the right track and build a nation for the many not the few. A slip at this time and hour will not only be crucial for them but also for the nation as well.