Badhan Sarkar
The aroma of freshly brewed coffee is always appealing and a steamy cuppa coffee may be considered as one of the most valuable among the numerous other delicacies on the table.
Nowadays coffee joints are quite popular where one will get not only coffee or cookies but also various types of lip-smacking foods. BeanS n Cookies is one such modern café serving fresh coffee and good food within a short time. This coffee shop started its journey from 1 February, 2018 and within a short span of time it has carved a niche for itself.
Located on the 7th floor of Ahmed and Kazi Tower, Dhanmondi, this is a perfect place for a date or where one can spend hours chatting away with friends. BeanS n Cookies always surprises guests with something new. It is not just a coffee shop, it’s more likely to be the new hideout place for many of us. This has become a usual hangout place for a lot of people living around Dhanmondi and yes, musicians too! The shop regularly holds small concerts to please its audience.

Belgian Waffle
B n C Platter
Russian Pattice
Smoked Chicken Sandwich

This 1700 sq feet café is quite a quaint place with nice décor. The brick and soft yellow interior is sure to calm your eyes and soul. The overall interior designs, color combination, ambience, big glass panes are classy. The interior has some insta worthy quirky food quotes and is adorned with vintage lights. One will be surely impressed with its seating arrangements with low lounge sofas overlooking the busy road.
Asif Adnan, CMO of BeanS n Cookies said, “The approach we had from the very beginning for our guests was to be their best friend. We call them Best Friends. And we like to be called as ‘The Best Bean Buddy’. Our aim is to spread love and friendship to our loyal guests who walk in every now and then from the neighborhood. We know our regular guests very well and try to treat them specially, may be with a bit of privilege at times! If everything goes well, we are looking forward to extend our branches around Dhaka city next year”.
Coming to the foods, this café serves amazing breakfast. Their Meat lovers breakfast (BDT 290) is a must have. It comprises one beef bacon, two pieces smoked chicken, two sausages, four meat balls and brown toasts. Another must try dish is American breakfast (BDT 400) consisting of beef bacon and egg sandwich with two pieces of sausage and baked beans and a cup of earl grey tea.
Not only breakfast, the café serves some of the best sandwiches, salads, pasta, steaks and waffles in the city. You could try their Smoked chicken salad (BDT 320), Hot smoked chicken sandwich (BDT 230), Chicken peri peri premium steak (BDT 499), Belgian waffle (280), Drink that deadpool hates (BDT 220) and Red velvet frappé (BDT 290).
Besides youngsters, the cafe also sees a large number of corporate and executives sipping on coffee and relaxing. BeanS n Cookies is a cozy café with an inviting décor and their yummy dishes are quite popular.

Red Velvet Frappe
Frozen Mojito
Unicorn Lemonade

Place – Beans N Cookies, Dhanmondi
Opening Hours – 8am to 11pm
Cost for two – BDT 1000 (approx.)