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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Monday that he will meet US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in Brussels on Monday evening to discuss regional issues, reports Xinhua.
A statement issued by the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office said Netanyahu will depart to Belgium later in the day, adding that the meeting was set last week.
The statement said that the prime minister and the secretary of state will discuss “regional developments,” and that Netanyahu will be accompanied by the head of Israel’s Mossad national intelligence agency, the head of the National Security Council, and the government’s Military Secretary.
Pompeo visited Israel last April, shortly after his appointment.
In a meeting between him and Netanyahu in Jerusalem, Pompeo referred to US President Donald Trump’s unpublished plan for Israeli-Palestinian conflict, saying that the United States is committed to a lasting peace.
They also discussed the ongoing war in Syria and Israel’s demand that Iran will not establish permanent military bases in Israel’s northern neighbor.