Z Rahman Milky

It was a fine winter morning of 2007 at Chattogram cantonment. I was visiting my aunt’s house there. My uncle woke me up to take me on a tour of the helipad. I was standing in front of his garage shed. He pulled out a dusty bicycle out of his shed. I took a closer look and found it to be a Honda Cub! A 1966 Honda Super Cub 50CC which was made in Bangladesh, as my uncle told me. He bought it for five thousand Taka earlier that year. It was looking like it will fall apart but nope, it didn’t and we traveled almost the whole cantonment area in it. It had nothing that could be compared even with a cheap Chinese bikes had at that time. But man! It had feel, it had the simplicity, the slower speed makes safe and lets you enjoy your surroundings. A Honda Cub is a Honda Cub. I don’t like bikes personally but from my childhood I always loved a Cub. On that very day I first get to ride one. I found one at dirt cheap price but my father didn’t allow me to buy it. So it remained a dream. Newer Super Cubs were available worldwide but not much in Bangladesh. Now, Honda has released the all new Super Cub C125 ABS for the US Market; would you look at that beauty! It has all the looks of a 1950’s Cub had but modern touch in every single bit of it. It has the same engine that Honda Grom has, another itty-bitty bike from Honda; driven by a semi-automatic clutch less 4-speed gearbox to give you a feel what the classic one felt. It has 17” alloy wheels and disc brake at front with ABS. Now that’s interesting! A Super Cub with alloy wheels. It looks like a modified original straight from the factory! This bike comes only in Pearl Niltava Blue now. It is a 30.7inch tall single seater with a tiny storage rack. The 3.8Ltr fuel tank is situated under the seat and a little storage compartment on the right side cover. The speedometer is in old fashioned dial but others are in digital monochrome LCD. The old style of lights has newer technology LED bulbs which looks awesome. It has the classic winged Honda logo just like the first one, an elegant touch. All these beauty and elegance comes at a price. It’s priced at $3599 in the US. Not sure about if Honda will ship it to Asia too. But I will keep my eyes on the road so that at least I can see one riding the road in style, if I can’t afford one.

The writer is automotive and Computer hardware enthusiast