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New Delhi Correspondent
India on Sunday described as “completely baseless” reports in a section of the Indian media about alleged shifting of boundary pillars on India-Myanmar border.
“We have come across media reports stating that certain boundary pillars in the Manipur (state) sector of the India- Myanmar international boundary have been allegedly shifted”, the spokesperson of India’s External Affairs Ministry said in response to a question about the reports.
These reports are completely baseless and unsubstantiated. This sector of the international boundary is settled and there is no confusion as to its alignment, he added.
He said routine survey work was recently carried out jointly by the Indian and Myanmar during which work on construction of subsidiary pillars in between already-settled main boundary pillars 81 and 82 along zero line,that is, agreed and settled international boundary, has also been undertaken.

“This has been done with the objective of apprising the local residents on both sides of the border of the exact alignment of the international boundary. State Government of Manipur has been involved in the entire exercise,” said the Spokesperson.

This work is in consonance with the India- Myanmar Boundary Agreement of 1967 to which both the governments of the two countries “are fully committed,” he added.