Badhan Sarkar
We know education is something that is a necessity for all and it always takes place under the guidance of educators or teachers. But is it enough for true development of children? In broader terms, education leads us to success and prosperity in life, it also teaches us to be better human beings when ethics and morals are also included in the curriculum. Along with the process of acquiring knowledge, it is the process of grooming us to attain beliefs, values and healthy habits which teach us to be true human beings.
Education constructs a person for life and equips him/her with strong ethical and moral values. Without the potential to nurture values, education may lose its heart and soul because values build the foundation for a strong individual and nation.
It is true that family is the prime area for development of values but efforts must also put at the school. A school is a place where a child spends maximum of his time and here they get to learn most of the things. The school authority along with the teachers must come up with educating students about the role of value education i.e. learn about self and wisdom of life to meet the challenges of the present times. It creates a strong learning environment through academic attainment by developing a student’s social and relationship skills that will last throughout his/her lives.
Value based education adds purpose to a student’s life and helps them in shaping their future by guiding them to walk in the path of honesty. Through this, children remain connected with their parents as well as their community. Now days, most children are very addicted to games and the internet in general. Through value education, a child will get to learn the pros and cons of everything including the negative sides of using social media and smartphones. It will provide them with the self-esteem and confidence to explore and develop their full potential. They may gradually gain self responsibility towards family and society.
Value education doesn’t push up the grades, it only develops positive attitudes in them. But morals and values are also important for the teachers too. To develop a good personality in students through value education, a teacher at first needs to be their role model.
Respect for the environment and its scarce resources can be fostered through various nature clubs and. And in the same way helping the poor and needy can be sponsored through social clubs. There are many different ways in engaging the students towards social activities and maintaining communal harmony.
Character building is a lifelong process but its development begins from the early years of a student’s life. The school is a model so as to nourish the learners with moral based education which will enhance their knowledge, skills and attitude. Encouraging children to consider these values will develop them as reflective learners so as their actions will sync with their behaviors. Values nurtured at academics will make children grow as stable, educated and civil individuals.