Badhan Sarkar
In this 21st century there is a lot of pressure on students, especially in secondary schools to perform well in their exams and attain high grades. This pressure on students to get good grades often leads to depression, anger, and they may even foster cheating.
Sometimes we forget that the core aim to education is to nurture the complete development of a child. The huge burden of studies is enough to make a student no less than a robot, with no room for their development as a human being. But only being brilliant just in academics does not help a student become a responsible citizen.
Complete development of a student cannot be achieved only through education. A student’s social life is as important as their academic life. Excelling in school lessons as well as in co-curricular activities will help a student face the world. This will support intellectual, emotional, social, moral, creative and physical development of a student.
A co-curricular activity usually takes place outside a typical pen pencil classroom. This may include sports teams, art club, science club, student council, debate club and the student newspaper. It helps the student gain particular skills and helps them exhibit their non academic abilities. They do not have to be perfect in everything and doing at least one activity will suffice.
The school’s co-curricular activities should be purposefully designed for giving a combination of students’ participation in academics and also making an opportunity for all-round growth. It can take place before school, at lunch, or after school.
Participation in co-curricular activities benefits students in many ways. We can see any international students can experience certain problems when they first arrive in their new country of study. Getting involved in co-curricular activities can help students overcome this sensation and allow them to intimately understand the culture of their new country in a way that the typical classroom environment may not provide.
There are many children who are not as active as others and by motivating them to participate in various activities will give them a self realization of their inner abilities and gradually they will develop inner talents like leadership qualities, creative skills etc. This makes them stronger and more confident human beings.
Participating in various activities offer an infinite range of possibilities for students wanting to develop and nurture various interests from athletics to the arts and beyond. These activities improve students’ experiences and help them identify and develop their inner talents.
Most universities nowadays check what the student offers apart from their academics. Being active in co-curricular activities inspires students to try out new things practically. Engaging in different activities like athletics, football and music, dance and performing arts boosts their chances of gaining admission into universities as well.
Co-curricular activities along with academics both complement each other to develop a well rounded student with more social skills. We can conclude by stating that co-curricular activities nourish a student’s overall personality, improves academic performance, gives greater opportunity and makes them realize their sense of responsibilities. This leads to a healthier, happier and makes them fully prepared for the next stage of their lives.