Rhea Kapoor addresses nepotism, and conducts a candid chat with father Anil Kapoor on his journey in the film industry, his positive approach and the secret of this evergreen image at the IFFI 2018.
After settling down, daughter Rhea took turns to ask her father about questions pertaining to his journey in the film industry, his positive approach, his fitness and more.
While speaking about his foray into the film industry, the Mr India fame actor said the decision to pursue a career in acting was easy. Anil said, “I was a horse with my blinkers on. From the moment I came to my senses I wanted to be an actor. I was very fortunate to get a break in the form of a young Shashi Kapoor’s role. Since then I have not wasted, constantly dreamt, worked on my craft and worked on being a people’s person. But I am still a work in progress.”
When asked by an audience member about what her chosen career path would have been had she not been Anil Kapoor’s father, Rhea Kapoor in a frank fashion said, “I am aware of the whole nepotism debate, I know of the privileges of being Anil Kapoor’s father. But I have had only one father. I cannot help it.”
—Source: Times of India