I really was quite a nasty jerk,” Hollywood star Jackie Chan wrote while revealing another aspect of his life in his memoir titled ‘Never Grow Up’. The book chronicles the martial arts expert’s early life and his battle with alcohol.
The first copy of the autobiography was published in Chinese in 2015. On Tuesday, it was re-published in English. Jackie Chan, in the book, also wrote about how his fame disrupted his private life.
“I drunk drove all the time. In the morning, I’d crash my Porsche, then in the evening, I’d total a Mercedes-Benz. All day long, I went around in a haze,” an excerpt from his book read.
Elaborating on his battle with alcohol, the megastar revealed that he once threw his son across the room in anger. He wrote, “I picked him up with one hand and flung him across the room, and he crashed into the sofa. With the amount of force I used, if he’d hit the back or armrests, it could have been quite serious.”
The actor, however, also revealed that he immediately regretted his actions and swore to never do that again. —Source: CNN