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Last year, when Katrina Kaif celebrated her birthday, things couldn’t have been worse. Her love life was in shambles (relationship with Ranbir Kapoor came to an end), and her career, which had been put on hold for love, was going nowhere.
This year she may have a lot to smile about on her birthday yesterday.
What really gets her goat is the way her unparalleled success ratio is undermined by being dismissed as a matter of luck.
“It’s not as if I was just lucky to be in successful films. Of course, I’ve been lucky. But I’ve also worked very hard to get where I am. And please don’t forget, I chose those films that went on to be successful. So please grant me that bit of intelligence,” she had once told IANS, quickly adding: “And by the way, I was advised by friends not to do many of the films that eventually turned out to be hits.”
She admitted that she sought the help of Salman Khan initially to decide which films to do.
“Not just Salman, I also took the advice of people like Sajid Nadiadwala and David Dhawan. But finally the films I did were my call,” said Katrina who’s transparently honest and unpretentious but who often tries to underplay her intelligence simply to fit into the “Bharatiya Nari” mould.
“Oh, one has to work very hard. Men don’t like to be around women who can talk back. I like to make my point. But I don’t like to be aggressive and insistent in my attitude. At the same time, you won’t see me knocking on producers’ doors at odd hours to get work. I never have. I never will,” she asserted.
Katrina once described her early days in Mumbai as lonely.
“To begin with I lived in a two-bedroom flat near Rizvi College. The entire day I’d be visiting modelling agencies. In the evening, I’d return home to a lonely house. I’d miss my sisters’ presence around me. But I didn’t really have to struggle hard. And nothing untoward happened to me. No one made any sleazy suggestions,” Katrina recalled.
She hired a tutor to teach her Hindi and started taking Kathak lessons from a guru who also taught Priyanka Chopra.
About her embracing Salman Khan’s family wholeheartedly, Katrina said, “Salman guided me, helped me choose the right roles and was there for me constantly. With him and his family around, I never felt alone in Mumbai.”
Beyond that Katrina won’t talk about her personal life. “It’s very simple. I’m a friendly girl. I don’t like to offend anyone. But in pleasing others and not offending them, I won’t compromise with my own inbuilt sense of right and wrong. I know what I want in life. And I won’t take any shortcuts,” she said.
—Source: Indian Express