Now that it’s all official, Deepika Padukone is finally talking about her upcoming marriage but it’s not all jitters and butterflies for her.
The Bollywood star has said that she doesn’t feel marriage will change her life in any way.
“Of course (I am excited), I think it’s the same way that I am excited about signing my next film,” said the ‘Padmaavat’ actor. “Marriage is definitely something I have looked forward to in my life as would any other girl. When it does happen, it will be exciting, it should be exciting. I don’t see why my life should change at all (after marriage).”
Deepika added that she hopes to model her marriage after her parents: “I have seen my parents do it so well and so successfully and for me that’s the way I would like my married life to be as well. I think they have a beautiful relationship, the way they have managed their professional life and being together as a family and in every way they have set an amazing benchmark for me and my sister and I would love for it to be that way.”
According to reports, Deepika and Ranveer will have two wedding ceremonies with rituals to represent both families’ origins. The four-day affair in Italy will kick off with a sangeet on November 13. This will be followed by a ‘Kannadiga-style’ wedding on November 14. On November 15, they will tie the knot again, this time according to the north Indian rituals.
—Source: Hindustan Times