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Masumuzzaman, Narayanganj
Voters of both, the Awami League and the Bangladesh Nationalist Party, are in a dilemma over the role of Mohammad Ali, a BNP lawmaker in the 1996 election, who is now seeking votes in favor of AKM Shamim Osman on the one hand, while meeting BNP ticket-holder Shah Alam, on the other.
Freedom fighter Mohammad Ali’s debut in politics was with the Awami League, but when the BNP came to power in 1991, he joined the BNP, allegedly out of greed.
The BNP government sold a state-run edible oil factory in Dharmaganj area under Fatulla police station which Mohammad Ali bought at a low price, edible oil factory businessmen and land traders alleged.
Mohammad Ali has been delivering speeches at different meetings of Shamim Osman seeking votes for Shamim. Not only for Shamim Osman, but also for Selim Osman terming them fittest candidates, over the past few days. But what he is really doing is his own BNP politics, allegations run.
A Fatulla area inhabitant, Mohammad Ali is a businessman and also indirectly involved in land business so he is acquainted with some influential local representatives and also has a section of followers, especially a the remote zone of Baktabali, where there are almost thirty thousand voters.
Shah Alam, a BNP nominated-candidate, met with Mohammad Ali at his residence in the capital city on November 27. Sources claimed, Mohammad Ali assured Shah Alam of all help and urged him to proceed.
Mohammad Ali is always playing games with candidates at different levels of election-related bodies including union councils, political analysts claimed.
Mohammad Ali, once with Awami League, Jatiya Party and BNP, is now playing neutral, to gain from the candidates through alluring them with getting votes from his followers.