Most students have experienced this and realize that studying smart is more effective than studying hard. Most students will complain that they have not covered all topics and study a few days before the exam. This allows them to cover everything they need to know before the exam is even created. The earlier you study, the better.
Smart students follow good study tips and they are able to ace their exams.
Review often
Develop a study timetable to review your notes each day after class. Reviewing often helps you to be prepared for any test even pop quiz. You also help the brain to store new information in long-term memory.
Understanding is the key
Some students try to memorize everything they read without trying to understand. This puts them in a difficult position especially when the exams questions are structured in a way that requires the application of knowledge. If you study to understand you can answer any question on a particular topic. Once you understand a concept you can explain it very well.
Use flash cards
Using flash cards can improve memorization. It will help you to remember key terms and important concepts. Make sure you know the topics to study for by consulting your professors. You condense a large amount of notes using flash cards. You can also draw diagrams to help you to remember important details. It gives you a quick revision a couple minutes before the test.
Take breaks
Breaks are important during study session because it helps you to retain information better. Studying for prolong period will make you feel overwhelm and your brain will explode. Well not literally, but feeding the brain too much information will cause congestion. Give your brain time to absorb new materials. You can study for thirty minutes and then take a break for 10 minutes. You can do something enjoyable during the break or just relax.
Teach someone else
Teaching someone else can help you to understand difficult concepts. In order to teach something, you have to know it yourself. While you are teaching you learn as you are forced to express information in your own words. Your student will ask questions and you have to analyze their questions and answer them. Teaching deepens your understanding of the subject.
Join a study group
Everybody could share their views and opinion and a rich discussion could develop among the group. Sometimes one person will know more about a topic than the rest and share it with others. Each topic could be explored by more than one brain. A study group can also make learning and study fun. You are also motivated to study in a group.
Connect what you know to the concepts you are trying to learn
During study sessions, you can connect your notes to concepts you already know. It helps you to remember everything correctly. Using analogy can save you and help you to learn the materials faster. You will remember it easily during the examination. You can use acronyms to help you remember concepts.
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