During your internship develop your skills, build up your resume with amazing experience and have a great opportunity to network with people working in your field. Most importantly, you’re getting your foot in the door at a company you are really interested in and increasing your chances of landing a full-time job after you finish college.
To help you make the most of this experience, are some things for interns to stand out.
Show Your Commitment
Show up for work on-time and, if necessary, stay on later in the evening. Do whatever it takes to get your work done and to get it done well! Being on time and staying on later than expected will show your boss how committed you are to doing a really good job. It’s these employees’ that are willing to sacrifice their own time by working overtime that get noticed.
It can be hard for employers to find committed employees, so interns who go the extra mile will stand out. Your internship will give your employer time to train you and track your progress, so take this time to prove to them that you are someone they need in their company even after your internship is over.
Treat It Like A Real Job
If you really want to be taken seriously by your boss, then you need to treat your internship like it’s a real job. Because it is! Even though you are an intern, your work will still have some form of an impact on the company, so make sure it’s good. You’re working in a real-world organization, so any work you do (or mistakes you make) will have an impact at some level.
—Source: Washington Post