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Belal Muntasir
Frustration is gripping the residential students of Dhaka University due to lack of accommodation facilities, safe food and academic atmosphere.
The first year students especially who come from different parts of the country are facing the worst situation as they have to lobby with different political party student wings to get their seats.
The first year students usually are not allotted seats in their respective dormitories. At least sixteen to twenty four students reside in a room called ‘Gano room’. As a result, they do not get a sound environment to continue their studies.
“We even can’t sleep at night as the room always remains crowded. And thus, noisy environment is affecting my studies from the very beginning of my higher education. It is not possible to get good results in the examinations if I’m not able to get the environment,” a student from Kabi Jashim Uddin Hall said, seeking anonymity.
Apart from this, no quality or safe food is served to the students in the dining and canteen areas. It is alleged that rotten and substandard quality vegetables, rice, edible oil, fish, meat and other raw foods are bought for students’ meals.
Ashfaque Abir (pseudo name), a student of law department, shared his experience with Bangladesh Post and said he left the dormitory three years ago.
“Immediately after I had got admitted in the university, I had learned that I was allotted a seat at Jatir Janak Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Hall. First, I tried to get seat through administrative procedure,” he said.
“But the hall office informed me that there is no seat for first-year students,” he added.
“The office suggested I maintain liaison with political leaders, saying that managing seat was my task and the hall authority would not handle that even in future,” he further added.
“However, after some days, I got a seat in ‘Gono room’ via a political activist from the hall, he said.
“But the experience was not pleasing to me. Minimum 18 students lived in the room that was 10 feet by 8 feet and appropriate for a maximum of 4 students,” he said.
There was not a single space for keeping books, rack or table, he described.
“We just sleep on some beds, close together. Staying in the room is very disgusting as one has to walk over another’s body,” he added.
“However, we could not continue regular study during the time and we were forced to attend three to four political programs a day that occupied all my time,” he said.
“However, before my first semester examination, I was worried about the environment and finally I could not manage a studying atmosphere. The hall’s reading room was full all the time and getting space there was very tough,” he said.
Ashfaque said finally he could not do well in the first examination of his higher studies, and that is why he left the dormitory.
“Another reason of my leaving the hall was the low quality food that was served in the hall canteen and dining room,” he added.
Not only Ashfaque, many students are leaving the halls from frustration, especially in their university-first-year session. The problems are even not solved later.
Majority of the halls do not allow first-year-students seats, but some female student halls do in some cases.
From second year, the undergraduate students can get allotment as doublers, means staying two in a bed, and from third year they can get allotment finally.
But the resident students said, the allotment is formal only in papers, the hall authority does not handle the seat issue in fact.