Horror film ‘Shopner Ghor’ directed by Taneem Rahman Angshu will be released in the cinemas on 9 November 2018. Recently a trailer has been released on Youtube where Zakia Bari Mamo, Anisur Rahman Milon, Shimul Khan, Quazi Nawshaba Ahmed, Arfan Aanik, Merlien Biswas have been noticed in various roles. Story of the film has been written by Anish Das Apu himself. ‘Shopner Sohor’ is also his debut film.
Trailer shows that a character named Shimanto played by Anisur Rahman Milon and his wife Maria played by Zakia Bari Mamo dream of having children. They find their dream house and share a good relation with the landlord D’Souza; however their dream house starts becoming curse in their life. Later they come to know of an unusual death of a girl that took place in their house and later her friend passes away. After few days, Maria becomes pregnant but that creates even more suspense. How the trailer has been made says that this is a very new concept in Bangladesh. It can also be said that the director has been greatly influenced by Hollywood horror films and greatest technology has been used.
Nasrin Nisha, a student of English Department of Dhaka University, says, “I am really excited to watch the film. The trailer was so good and I can say that Bangladesh’s film industry is technologically developing.” Afsana Moon, another student of Dhaka University, says, “I can’t wait to see the film. Mamo is my favorite and I am sure it will be a hit film.”

Mizanur Rahman Babu