The children of the Rajshahi Hetemkha Horizon Palli, the biggest horizon palli in the city, have been going to school now despite a lot of difficulties and obstacles. They are now showing a dream to embellish their life like the other children.

Although the suitable environment is not prevailing at their home to study but they are interested largely. Among of them, some children are going to primary school and after finishing the primary stage, they are now going to the high school.

Some years ago, children of the Horizon Palli could not achieve any positive advantage and mental support from others for carrying their study smoothly. Even they were unable to receive the primary education too. But now almost of children have been taking the high school education in spite of different difficulties. Besides, some of youths are studying in Rajshahi University, it was known while talking to some school-grade children of the Palli.

The biggest horizon palli of the city is Hetemkha horijonpalli where around 500 to 600 families have been residing with a lot of sorrows for a long.

There are some small dump houses. The members of the family reside together only in a room with so much troubles. The men and women are remaining busy all time. They work day and also night. The children co-operate their parents to collaborate with household works and others.

The horizon men and women clean garbage of the roads and sweep in offices, houses in the city as it is their racial profession. Many people call them scavengers still for maintaining their racial professions. They have no any scope for getting any government jobs as they are deprived in every sector.

Tania Rani, a young girl of the palli, said that despite sorrows and troubles, she has been going to college now after ending primary and high school levels. Her father works as like as other horizon people. She and her family members used to reside together in a single room with so many difficulties. She cannot study in the room peacefully most of days in night because some horijonyoung men arrange different hilarious functions in the palli. These situations are now continuing, also said Tania.

Tania is not only facing these problems but also many children are facing such type of problems. Children are achieving necessary opportunities to take the formal educations in a local primary school which is established only for the children of this horijonpalli.

Rupali, Diya and Sonali, the other children of this palli, said that the children of other religions are not interested to play with them as they are members of the horijon community. For this, they had been regretting and also said that despite these barriers, they are going to school.

SreeBasontolal, a president of Rajshahi city HorijonOikyaParishad, said that they have numerous problems but it is not solved anyhow.  They have been suffering for residence and employment crisis mainly.

However, to solve their all sorts of problems, a project proposal was given already to the government. The developing works will be continued very soon in the area of the horijon community, the chief engineer of Rajshahi city corporation AsrafulHuq said this.

Raj Kiron Das