Today is holy Eid-e-Miladunnabi or the anniversary of birth of Prophet Muhammad (SM), in Arabic calendar it was 12 Robiul Awal and in Christian year 570 AD. He was born in Makkah Moazzema in Quraysh Tribe and was the posthumous child of Jonab Abd Allah ibn Abd al Muttalib and his mother was Bibi Aminah. Six years after Muhammad’s (SM) birth his mother also died; his Uncle Abu Talib, then leader of the Tribe, took charge of upbringing of the orphan nephew. Mohammad, on whom God Almighty bestowed Prophet-hood later, was made of entirely different elements and he was created with special honour and free of all sin, God Almighty declared that.
That Mohammad was different from others was obvious that it was visible like day-light and people started trusting and respecting him dubbing him the Trustworthy and that was the reason why rich and aristocratic lady Bibi Khadija’s marrying him. Mohammad (SM) before being blessed with Prophet-hood used to be engrossed in meditation in a cave called Hera in the mountain Jabal al-Noor. After many years– at his age of 40– one day God Almighty sent Angel Gabriel who as per God’s wish, said ‘read in the name of your God’. Mohammad was much frightened and said ‘I cannot read and write, after Gibrael’s tender reassurance Mohammad repeated Gibrael’s ‘Ikra Bisme’ meaning read in the name of your God.
From this Islamic scholars deduce that reading and attaining knowledge are inseparable parts of Islam. To be realistic one will find that to understand the intrinsic meaning of Islam attainment of knowledge is essential. From then onwards Gibrael revelled God’s message to Mohammad (SM) for 23 years and then it was completed. Mohammad (SM) is the last Prophet and according to the message of God he is the best Prophet and best man among human beings God has created. He was the last representative of God in the lineage of monotheistic faith and Islam, as has been enunciated in God’s holy book the Quran, is the improvement over previous other monotheistic religions and holders of the previous monotheistic faiths have been advised to come to the latest revelation.
Equally Islamic faith holders, according to the Quran, have been advised to believe that earlier revelled books such as the holy Tourat, Jabur, Injil are to be believed as God’s books. Islam has spread quick among people due to its superiority of tenets and its leader’s (Prophet Mohammad) unparalleled character. Only after 100 years of the Prophet’s death it had reached to Spain in Europe and Islamic World Empire became the largest in the globe. Unfortunately, over the centuries the Muslims have lost their glory due to ignorance, departure from Islamic values, greed and disunity. Due to misconception a handful of Muslims have involved in militancy defacing the Muslims before the world community. Proper understanding of Islam, education, patriotism and character building can possibly save the world Muslims from the present bizarre situation.
On this holy day we fervently pray to God Almighty to elevate the grace of our holy Prophet and to give us the faculty to adore him to be better Muslims.