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Habiganj Correspondent
Consumer Rights Protection authorities along with assistant director Md. Amirul Islam Masud have fined two canteens of Habiganj DC office taka 2,000 for charging too high prices to customers on Thursday.
On the same day he fined two other institutions taka 2,500. Of the
fines he said, the canteens were charging prices that were higher than the fixed rates.
Therefore each of the two canteens was fined taka 1,000.
In addition, Yamoni restaurant of the same building was charged taka 1,500 for unhygienic conditions and using burnt oil, and a nearby roadside hotel was fined taka 1,000 for using burnt oil and not keeping food covered.
A group of policemen from Habiganj sadar model police force were also present during the drive, said sources.