Masumuzzaman, Narayanganj
The coming election is very important to the general voters and political activists in Narayanganj, because of the hidden rivalries among influential ruling Awami League and Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) leaders.
Almost sixty aspirants have already disclosed their intention in the five constituencies from all political parties, the majority from the ruling Awami League.
Twenty lakh thirty four thousand and two hundred sixty three voters in all five constituencies are waiting for polling day.
Political analysts see a win for Awami League in all five constituencies, if the intra-party hidden rivalry disappears before the election.
Otherwise, it may be a different scenario if their political intra party ego-based politics run till election day. The same political leadership dispute is prevailing in the BNP in all five constituencies. Former lawmaker Muhammad Giasuddin and Fatullah Thana BNP unit President Shah Alam have conflict over supremacy. Once the BNP in district unit formed two committees,, one headed by former lawmaker Abul Kalam, Shirajul Islam and Nurul Islam Sardar, and the other, by Taimur Alam Khandoker.
Awami League in this district experienced a silent dispute over leadership between Osman family and Chunka family. Ali Ahmed Chunka was chairman of Narayanganj municipality and existing Mayor of Narayanganj city Corporation Selina Hayat Ivy’s father.
Lawmaker Shamim Osman’s father AKM Shasuzzoha and grandfather Khan Shaheb Osman Ali were lawmakers.
Now the third generation of Osman family AKM Shamim Osman and AKM Selim Osman, two brothers, are lawmakers in constituency Naryanganj-4 and 5.
Dr. Selina Hayat Ivy and her father Ali Ahmed Chunka have been ruling the Narayanganj City Corporation. Like father, Ivy in her first election won the chairman post in Narayanganj Pourashabha in 2003, and since then she has been elected to the mayoral post till today.
Shamim Osman was blessed from Awami League for City Corporation election in 2011 and some party high ups campaigned for him. But Ivy was an independent candidate and she won in the mayoral post by a huge margin of votes.
The conflicts which were in hidden
Have come to light from this election contest, though both belong to Awami League politics.
Former lawmaker and district Awami League conveyor, now out of Awami League politics, SM Akram has acceptance and a high intimacy with Ivy, as he brought Ivy from abroad and helped her to win in the election.
In this circle they have a hidden but influential acceptance to the people. All five constituencies have signs of their dominance.
It’s very clear to the political analysts that the conflict, if it remains till polling day between Osman Family versus Chunka family, might decrease the votes for the Awami League.

The same dispute also prevails in the BNP politics. The leadership and domination capacity make them different from each other even at political programmes.

Till today, Shamim Osman and Selina Hayat Ivy do not sit in political programs. Though Selina Hayat Ivy is vice president of Narayanganj district unit Awami League, she observes party programmes separately.