It is a blessing to be born healthy but it doesn’t mean those who are not should lead any less of a life. Although we may use the terms such as visually impaired, physically challenged etc they deserve everything to lead a normal, active life. To ensure this and more, residential and commercial buildings, educational institutes and shopping malls have to be built in a way which is friendly for all physically challenged people.
There is a social stigma associated with being physically challenged in our society which is disheartening because without compassion and love for each other, we cannot flourish as a society. If someone is in a wheelchair or cannot see or hear, the solution is to immediately offer a helping hand. If we teach our children to be more empathetic towards the vulnerable, they will be able to grow up as better human beings. Bullying, teasing or mocking the physically challenged is socially, morally and religiously wrong.
The other common obstacle that the physically challenged people face is the lack of public toilets and entertainment spots. Most of the restaurants don’t offer special seating services, neither do they have special toilet facilities. As a result, the young, handicapped citizens are especially being deprived of a social life. Our transport services are also not disability friendly for which the handicapped or impaired citizens are forced to remain confined within four walls.
The authorities concerned have to ensure that there are more schools, colleges and universities for the physically challenged students so that they can become capable of holding jobs and not remain as burdens for their families. The women who are disabled should be given more financial benefits for long-term survival as they tend to suffer more. Also, the public facilities should be made disability friendly so that they can blend into the society more and lead normal lives.