Abul Kalam Azad, SDG Affairs Coordinator of the PMO, being greeted with wreaths, at ‘Showcasing NBR Innovations’ on Sunday.

Staff Correspondent
In a bid to introduce a hassle-free service to the country’s taxpayers, the National Board of Revenue (NBR) has formally launched 10 automated innovations that immensely will expedite the government’s revenue earnings, speakers say.
NBR member for Tax Policy Kanon Kumar Roy formally unveiled the innovations at a programme on Sunday in the capital’s Institution of the Diploma Engineers of Bangladesh (IDEB) while senior secretary of internal resources division and NBR chairman Mosarraf Hossain Bhuiyan was in the chair.
Principal Coordinator (SDG) of Prime Minister’s Office Abul Kalam Azad was present as the chief guest at the programme while Dr Jamal Uddin Ahmed, Secretary of
the Bangladesh Economic Association (BEA) was present as the special guest.
Abul Kalam Azad said the National Board of Revenue (NBR) would be made a paperless one soon by ensuring digital services. “It is quite impossible to make the country’s economic sector free from corruption without making the sector digitalised,” he said.
NBR’s innovations at a glance:
BenaPass: The Benapole Customs Authority invented this software system about six month ago to provide a hassle-free car-pass system for the trucks run for import and export activities. With the newly invented system, the Customs officials are now able to make the record of car-pass and preserve it within minutes.
Customs officials now can provide the service for about 700-800 trucks everyday where they could provide it only for 200-250 trucks earlier in the manual system.
Through the system the procedures of exports and imports are being conducted within shortest period that are saving both time and money. Customs officials said the system has reduced the service period almost 80 percent, and it is helping them to bar the frau
Officials said the system will expedite the business activities with the neighboring country India.
NBR is now moving to introduce this service at all customs houses and land port customs stations.
Audit Management System: Dhaka Tax Zone-2 authority has invented this software which is expected to help them ensure tax compliance on income taxpayers.
NBR, as routine duty, conducts audit on suspected tax dodgers but it is time consuming. Besides, in many cases, the tax officials can’t conduct the procedure accurately manually.
After the introduction, the newly invented software has exponentially been helping the tax officials to collect and preserve all types of information of taxpayers, tax officials concern says.
Through the system, they are now able to detect the non-compliant taxpayers only within a while through verifying their information online. This system is also in place at Dhaka Tax Zone-7, and NBR is now moving to introduce it at all tax offices.
Demand and Collection Tool: Many taxpayers followed by NBR’s tax claim file plea to higher courts to resolve the issue and NBR’s claim, in many cases, is revised with the court verdicts. It’s the duty of NBR’s tax offices to update the revised statement of respective taxpayers but is tough to prepare it manually as it requires many previous files concerned. Dhaka Tax Zone-2 few months ago introduced a software that has enabled them to update data of such taxpayer’s information.
Bank Search Tool: Dhaka Tax Zone-2 has also invented another software ‘Bank Search Tool’ that will tremendously intercept non-compliance of taxpayers. There are many taxpayers now willingly or unwillingly do not submit their original bank statements on their income tax returns.
The tax officials, in this case, have to collect information about them from banks manually which take couple of weeks. Tax officials said, through the software, they are now able to conduct the whole procedure online only within minutes.
Advance Tax Reminder Tool: Dhaka Tax Zone-2 has invented another software that will help tax officials determine list of Advance Income Taxpayer (AIT). And it will help them send reminder to AIT payers within shortest time, introducing a hassle-free procedure.
The country’s income taxpayers every year submit their tax returns and approximately 50,000 returns are submitted to each tax zone.
To scrutinize large number of taxpayer’s returns, tax officials often make errors to determine exact figure of taxable income and exemption.
However, the software will help tax officials to scrutinize all information of tax returns accurately.
Dhaka Tax Zone-10 has invented this excel software as pilot project and they have already collected Tk 90 lakh after scrutinizing 40,000 tax returns.
Working Flow-Chart: It’s a computarised system invented by Dhaka Tax Zone-10 that will help tax officials conduct all types of verification on income tax returns accurately. Tax officials said, the system will also introduce modern tax management system that will help taxpayers submit their returns hassle-free.
VAT East: Dhaka East Commissionerate for Customs, Excise and VAT has invented a mobile app-based system named ‘East VAT’ that has accelerated the automation system in VAT regime. This app has been helping both businesses and VAT officials to conduct their VAT payment related procedures. Officials said, the app helps the businesses to checking Business Identification Number (BIN), filing complains, finding VAT offices.
Besides, VAT officials can send compliance alert to the VAT payers, acknowledgement to receive VAT returns, taxpayer’s survey, and spot assessment and so.
Customs e-payment: The NBR has recently introduced e-customs payment at the country’s leading Customs houses which has slashed the businesses’ hassle to pay customs duty.
Now the traders can pay duty online from their bank accounts within few minutes that has expedited the discharge of consignments process. With the move, the traders do not now need to stand on a queue at banks’ booth to pay their duty.
e-EGM: NBR introduced web-based ASYCUDA World system and Import General Manifest (IGM) in 2013, a remarkable advancement in the history of country’s automation system.
The revenue board is now preparing Export General Manifest (EGM) that will exponentially boost communications among the country’s business stakeholders. Besides, it will cut lead-time of business procedures and fraudulent exporters will be intercepted with this move.
LTU-VAT mobile app:
The large taxpayer (LTU) unit of NBR a few months ago introduced this app-based service which helps the country’s large taxpayers know the details of their VAT-related information, introducing a hassle-free service.