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After two years in the relative wilderness, former England number one Joe Hart has found his form — and a home — at Burnley and hasn’t yet given up hope on a return to the international setup, reports Reuters.

“I feel like it’s set me free because I’m not looking over my shoulder any more, not worried about ‘Where am I going to go?’,” Hart, who has 75 caps for England, told the Times in an interview on Saturday.

“It’s been a strange two years,” he continued. “The one thing I really struggled with mentally was being asked ‘What’s next?’ by family, friends and football people. ‘I don’t know’ are three words I don’t like saying.”

“I loved being part of the [West Ham] team, some really good guys, but it just didn’t work for me,” he added. “David Moyes came in, and it’s impossible to feel settled when you have a contract only until the end of the season. And he didn’t fancy me as a keeper. I tried everything I could. I just never felt settled, never really felt like people understood what I could bring. It wasn’t a great season for me which resulted in not being part of the World Cup, which was hard to take. It was really, really, really painful. There’s nothing else could happen to me: I had England taken away from me in the summer, and not really having a home.”

“I’m in good enough form,” Hart continued. “I’ve obviously got bundles of experience. I’ve got medals, 75 caps, handled massive situations before. I need to focus on getting it right at Burnley and seeing if that’s going to be enough because I’m never going to go away. I want to play for England again.”