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Hollywood actor Harrison Ford is returning to the big screen again. Ford’s ‘Air Force One’, ‘Apocalypse Now’ and many popular films, including ‘Indiana Jones’, are returning to this film with a story about the nineteenth century. Ford’s work in the big budget picture and the name of the film will be ‘Call of the Wild’.
The film will be built on Jack London’s novel ‘Call of the Wild’ (1903). The picture will be made in the context of the gold lifting competition in the Gold Ditch in the Clondic region in 1890.
Variety Magazine has said, ‘Indiana Jones’ will star in this film as John Thurton. John Thurton’s valuable mineral exploder in the film ‘Call of the Wild’.
Clock Gable played the role of Thorton in 1935. In 1972, Charton Hesson starred in the same story.
‘Call of the Wild’ will be directed by Chris Sanders and screenwriter Michael Green. The film is scheduled to begin shooting in September this year.
And Harrison Ford’s ‘Indiana Jones-5’ is about to be released in 2021.
—Source: BBC