The Vadodara Municipal Corporation (VMC) will now collect kitchen waste from various institutions and establishments and use them for generating gas as well as manure. The civic body will be getting such waste collected door-to-door as a part of the initiative, report agencies.
The VMC presently has two bio-methanation plants at Gajrawadi and Voragamdi, near Jambuva. The Gajrawadi plant as a capacity of five metric tonnes (MT) while that at Voragamdi has a capacity of 15MT. The plant at Gajrawadi processes both flesh from animal carcasses and west waste while that at Voragamdi processes only wet waste. The gas generated from waste was also being bottled and sold to industries.
Taking the initiative further, the VMC is now looking to collect kitchen waste from restaurants, canteens, community halls, party plots and other venues where food is served for various events. The civic body has identified a vendor who will collect the waste and deliver it to a facility to process it. VMC officials said that in future the capacity at existing facilities of the civic body may be increased or new such facilities may come up.
The VMC standing committee on Thursday cleared a proposal to get the kitchen waste collected from various establishments and institutions through a contractor. The contractor will charge Rs 0.90 per kilogram to collect the waste. The waste will have to be collected at the place where it is generated and transported in covered vehicles. Sources said that such projects were also necessitated by as the VMC was eyeing to become a zero waste city by October 2019 under the Swachh Bharat Mission.