The managing committee of a high school, where about four thousand students study, is going to be formed without announcement of election schedule publicly. The guardians are in dark over forming of the management committee.

The school is Deobhog Hazi Uzir Ali High School which is situated at Deobhog area of Narayanganj Sadar upazila. It was established in1924 by Hazi Uzir Ali.

The guardians and founder members of the school are annoyed over such kind of illegal step.

Talking to the Bangladesh Post, Jahangir Alam said, “I am a guardian member of the school. We have been deprived of electing the guardian representatives in the managing committee according to our choice in last seven years.”

On October 2, a guardian entered the school and found that the existing committee members and the Headmaster are going to upazila education office. At the time, he suspects that anything is going to be done over formation of managing committee. Then he tried to know the matter and collected information from different persons that the day was nomination papers scrutinizing day.

A reliable source told the Bangladesh Post that the election schedule was pasted on billboard on October 01 night and it was kept under a stair as none found easily.

When the news spread that the nomination paper selling date expired then a guardian found the hide election schedule where mentioned dates as nomination paper purchasing date from September27 to 30, scrutinizing on October 2, withdrawn on October 4 and the poll will be held on October 15.

Suraiya Ashrafi, Narayanganj sadar upazila education officer who is election commissioner, signed the schedule on October 17.

When contacted with over cell phone, Suraiya Ashrafi said, “I heard that only four guardians brought nomination papers. So I did not go to school for scrutinizing the nomination papers.”

When asked that why the schedule was not pasted on notice board and voter list not yet published, she said that she will visit the school.

The correspondent, however, has failed to collect any information about headmaster Humayun Kabir Roton.

Jewel, one of the pre-planned four guardians who bought nominalization paper, admits that he bought a paper but the others are not known to him.

A source claimed that only four guardians bought nomination papers and submitted immediately. They are Jewel, Topon, Masum and Salauddin.

Narayanganj Correspondent