In the country, hundreds of illegal and questionable diagnostic centres, operating in the private sector, remain uninspected for years. The government does not have any specific data regarding the approved centres many of which are running without having their license renewed. Nor does it have any statistics in its hand regarding the illegally approved diagnostic centres. Allegedly, many officials in the Health Sector surreptitiously allow these illegal centres numbering to over fifty thousand. On the other hand, the Health Department, despite its repeated declarations, has not been able to keep on an effective campaign throughout the country. Even though the campaign of Rapid Action Battalion, against illegal centres, was praised, it has also not been possible for them to carry out frequent raids. A lack of proper and regular monitoring has resulted in the mushroom growth of illegal diagnostic centres nationwide.
According to media reports, most of the institutions, with no official authorization, even run hospital business. Patients are admitted on an indiscriminate manner and doctors are hired from other hospitals. In recent years, many patients have been seen getting victimized to harassment by the hospitals. More than that, these centres, wholly dependent on signboards, hardly follow any rules and regulations while having their patients tested by mountebank technicians. Innocent patients are constantly cheated by preparing false reports. There are already many cases, as reported in the media, of varied test results appearing in different diagnostic centres for the same disease. Also, most diagnostic centres do not have an environment clearance certificate. The already used medial equipments are gathered, in an unplanned manner, around the institution or thrown away in the open space posing serious threats to environment and human health. But according to the rules, these are to burn in the own incinerator of the clinic or hospital concerned. Patients have at times come up with complaints that those used equipments, including syringes, are reused during treatment, denoting that patients are infected with new diseases.
This illegal practice must be stopped, for the sake of the country’s poor people seeking a good healthcare. The accused must be dealt with exemplary punishment considering the fact that hundreds of thousands of illegal clinics and diagnostic centres are a serious threat to public healthcare. The responsible Health Department has always been tremendously indifferent to taking strict actions against these organizations. This is unexpected and worrying. Clinics and diagnostic centres, which have achieved a name, also have a duty. They should consider the humanitarian aspect during giving treatments to patients by not chagrining high which can make poor patients opt for illegal and poorly administered diagnostic centres. Let the health sector be concerned only for healthcare services.