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In order to ensure quality network, Grameenphone Ltd has reiterates its commitment with an announcement of a 100 percent mobile broadband data network in Bangladesh, with every one of its more than 15,000 network sites under high-speed 3G or 4G coverage.
Grameenphone’s network caters to 3.6 crore data subscribers out of which more than 70 lakhs are 4G data subscribers, said a press release.
The achievement is a significant step towards the realization of the government’s ambition of Digital Bangladesh and meets the right of citizens to connect to the world through the high-speed internet.
“Grameenphone has always emphasized its network coverage and quality,” said Grameenphone CEO, Michael Foley, adding, “This milestone makes it possible for all existing and new customers to benefit from high-speed internet access”.
Grameenphone DCEO and Chief Marketing Officer, Yasir Azman, stated: “Since the launch of 3G in 2013 and 4G last year, Grameenphone has completely upgraded its network, transforming it into a fully data integrated network.

“Although we can be proud of this achievement the company continues to make significant investments focusing on improving customer experience and filling coverage gaps.”

The industry players in the ecosystem (MNO, MTTN, ICX, IGW, Tower Co, etc.), alongside with the regulator, are working together to prepare for future growth opportunities of the country. Nationwide mobile data coverage is an excellent platform to take Bangladesh to the next level of development.