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The government will go for tough measures to check any leak of question papers during the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) and Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) examinations scheduled for forthcoming February and April respectively.
New Education Minister Dr Dipu Moni has made her stand clear regarding this grave issue by stating that her ministry is prepared to tackle the question leak with an iron hand. In this regard, she sought help from parents and students across the country.
“If we get help from the parents and students, it is possible to stop the question leak,” she said on Thursday.
The minister said the education ministry has achieved a great success in the past 10 years, and it is now focusing on continuing its efforts to work with cooperation from all to face and overcome new challenges likely to erupt in the coming days.
About the question paper leak over the past few years, the education minister said those who make unscrupulous attempts to leak question papers try to find out gaps. Our responsibility is not to let them come out successful in this regard, and teachers, students and guardians can play a great role to foil their ill attempts.
Dipu Moni also assured of taking stern administrative actions and ensuring, as per the existing law, exemplary punishment to those who would be involved in such an illegal practice.

For over the past several years, repeated cases of leaking of question papers, including English, Mathematics and several science courses, during public examinations have drawn huge criticism, making the country’s education system controversial.
To address this criminal offence and prevent a declining trend of present education owing to sweeping question leaks, educationists underscored the need for taking strong and sincere steps to seal all the holes of question paper leak and ensure exemplary punishment to the offenders.
“The government will have to take multi-dimensional measures to tackle the question leak. We should not blame the government only, but we all have to change our attitude in this regard,” educationist Emdadul Haque told Bangladesh Post.
Emdadul Haque, professor of University of Chittagong, also said, “Earlier, we saw that corrupt persons were engaged in question leak from various sectors. Bangladesh Government (BG) press is a big source of question leak as most of its employees are allegedly involved in question leaking. We also saw different groups, equipped with various devices, engaged in this type of malpractice in job exams and university admission tests too.”
No doubt, question paper leak damaged all the great achievements the education ministry earned over the past one decade, he added.

“It may not be possible cent per cent to stop question leak, but if the government ensures exemplary punishment to the leakers and take all-out steps against this practice, it can be reduced to a great extent,” said Emdadul Haque.
Students and their guardians become worried when schedules for public examinations are published each year as many of the examinees start searching for leaked questions instead of taking preparations for the exams.
Apart from the examinees, their guardians also become desperate to collect leaked questions for their children.