American President Trump’s request to build a US-Mexico wall was rejected by the House of Representatives which lead to a partial government shutdown for 20 days. The Democrats are not agreeing with President Trump’s concern about national security and won’t approve the budget of US 5.7 billion for the wall. Previously many of Trump’s initiatives were not appreciated by Democrats but this time it seems that the American population is also split on their opinions about their President’s threat to build the wall anyway from using military funds.
Ever since he began his campaigning, Donald Trump had been vocal about protecting Americans from outsiders who may take away jobs. His promises as a presidential candidate were mainly centered around preserving national security and ensuring employment for all Americans. As a businessman, Trump may know his ways around trade and commerce but a controversial issue such as building a wall with a neighboring country may not be supported by his own countrymen. His primary argument for building the wall was cutting off drugs supply through the Southern border but that too is not convincing enough to invest billions of the taxpayers’ money.
While the President and his opposition are in a tiff, some 800,000 federal agents have missed their first pay cheque. Coast guards, secret service agents, IRS agents, contract holders, airport security staff are all anxious about not getting paid. Some have left their jobs and joined elsewhere where as many have begun to search for second jobs. There are families and children dependent on these workers all of whom are going to be affected by the shut down. There may be impacts on the US economy as well because the shutdown may make investment decisions difficult.
The notorious Berlin wall was demolished overnight so if Trump’s wall is built at all, there is no concrete way of ensuring that this will survive for long. Whatever may be in future, President Trump has to come up with stronger arguments to convince Pelosi, Schumer and others to put an end to this shutdown.