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Singer Khairul Wasi’s first Ep album ‘Gopon Prem’ was released last year under the banner of Dhrubo Music Station (DMS). The Ep album had three songs. The title track of the album was ‘Gopon Prem’. On 31 January, the music video of the song was released in the YouTube channel Dhrubo Music Cottage, the folk song channel of DMS. The lyric of the song is written by Tareq Anando and the song is composed by Sajib Das.
The music video was shot in Tanguar Haor. Under the direction of Saikat Nasir, it was made by Sohel Rana Boyati. The models in the song are Shupto and S K Trishna. The singer Khairul Wasi is also in the video as well.
Upon release of the song Wasi said, “I am mesmerized by the love I am getting from all the fans and the audiences. Keeping them in mind, I create my songs. We are putting a lot of emphasis on both audio and video songs. I hope this song will be loved by all and not disappoint my fans and audiences.”