Promila Kanya
We all remember Anna Farris from the Scary Movies series, right? She’s smart, super funny and a treat to watch on screen. In 2018, this actor tried out a role in ‘Overboard’ which could be a beginning for her to show some different acting skills.
For those who like to watch rom-coms, ‘Overboard’ would be a fine choice. The story is lightweight without being boring, humorous and won’t leave residues of anger, frustration or depression later on. Yes, some might say the story is predictable but that doesn’t mean it’s boring and it was a minor hit! With a budget of USD 12 million, it made an unexpected USD 91.2 million at the box office. One more information, the film is a remake of the 1987’s hit of the same title which had Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell in it.
So the story goes something like this. Kate Sullivan (Anna Farris) is a single mother who is trying to balance between multiple jobs and raising three young daughters. With the entire household depending on her, she is having a tough time. Her pay is low and money problems make her frustrated all the time. When she’s not delivering pizzas or cleaning households, she’s studying for her big nursing exam which is next month.
One day she gets a carpet cleaning job at a Mexican billionaires’ yacht. The man is called Leonardo ‘Leo’ Montenegro (Eugenio Derbez) who is a thoroughly spoiled brat. His two sisters, Magdalena and Sophia stay by their sick father’s side who has a soft spot for his son and wants Leo to run their family business. Leo has no interest in that and despite being a grown adult, takes up no responsibilities and spends his days in the hot tub with beautiful girls and expensive drinks.
Leo and Kate get into a bitter argument on his yacht and at one point, he pushes her into the water. She becomes furious and hates Leo for doing it. As luck had it, the same night, a drunk Leo falls off the yacht’s roof and wakes up at the beach with partial amnesia. His sister Magdalena takes this opportunity and tells their father in Mexico that Leo is killed by sharks so that she becomes the owner of their company.
Kate’s friend Theresa (Eva Longoria) tells her to make good use of this golden opportunity to take revenge on Leo for his nasty behavior. Since he doesn’t remember anything, Kate takes him home and makes him believe that he’s her husband and the three children are theirs. Kate make Leo do all the hard chores so that she gets time off to study for her exam.
Leo is in a daze the first few days and although he doesn’t remember much, he tries to gradually cope with his situation. He has no idea about construction works or grocery shopping but with time manages to learn everything. Kate and Leo also fall in love and the three little girls begin to feel he is like their own father.
But soon, Leo’s other sister Sophia gets to learn about Magdalena’s conspiracy and they, along with their father, set out to search for Leo and take him home. In the meantime, Kate tries to tell Leo the truth now that she cares for him but something always holds her back. When Leo sees his family, he suddenly regains his memory but is hurt that Kate had been lying to him and using him. Heart-broken, he returns home.
Does Leo forgive Kate? Do the lovers reunite? I won’t say, but it does have a happy ending. ‘Overboard’ is sweet but not overly sweet or dramatic, I enjoyed it.

The writer works at Bangladesh Post