Harun Ur Rashid (3rd from right), chairman of Pharmaceuticals Group of Companies, poses with others while launching marketing of sunflower oil namely ‘Royal Shef’, at a press conference at the National Press Club in Dhaka on Wednesday.

Staff Correspondent
Globe Pharma has floated the country’s first-ever fortified sunflower edible oil with brand name ‘Royel Shef’ in the local market having healthy ingredients that can prevent diseases like heart attack and cancer.
Harun Ur Rashid, chairman of the Pharmaceuticals Group of Companies on Wednesday launched the official marketing of the new oil brand at a press conference at the National Press Club in Dhaka.
While speaking at the press conference, he said ‘Royel Shef’ is produced by maintaining European standard and it contains lower level of saturated fat, an element responsible for causing disease in comparison to other conventional oil brands.
Besides, this oil contains vitamin A, E and D that can exponentially keep skin smooth.
Harun Ur Rashid told reporters that they brought the new oil brand after conducting scientific research proving that this oil reduces the fat if anybody consumes it for a long period.
Referring to some examples, he said sunflower oil is now being consumed in Europe and America as the governments of those countries realized the necessity of using such type of edible oil.
“The conventional edible oils in the country’s market are mostly imported and that is why they take time to come into supply chain while Royel Shef is produced in the country from the locally-grown sunflowers, Harun said.
“Since a long, we were planning to produce hygienic oil brand and supply on the local market that would contain pro-health ingredients and finally we could float that brand for our consumers,” he added.
Other senior officials of Globe Group were present at the programme.
According to officials, the retail price of per liter Royel Shef has been fixed Tk 145.