Staff Correspondent
Actors Sarika Sabrin and Mamnun Hasan Emon have paired up for a teledrama for the Valentine’s Day. The drama named, ‘Ghash Phoringer Prem’ has just concluded its shooting.
Other than Sarika and Emon, the drama includes Marjuk Rasel, Minar Mithu and several other.
The drama will see Emon and Sarika both studying at the same university. Marzuk Rasel is Emon’s senior. He is a renowned artist. Both of them live in the same house. After an unsuccessful fling, Rasel didn’t get married. But after 17 years, at his mom’s request, Rasel decides to marry. He goes to see the girl who is none other than our story’s centerpiece Sarika. She rejects Rasel due to his age. As a result Rasel decides never to get married again. With the passing of time Emon and Sarika start to develop feelings for each other and ultimately they falls in love.
With this, the story of ‘Ghash Phoringer Prem’ starts to progress. The teledrama is being directed by young director SM Tarek Rahman. The love story is to be aired by one of the private channels.