A recent gas explosion in the capital claimed the life of a young mother who left behind a son and husband. She had a 98 percent burn and succumbed to her injuries within 24 hours of hospitalization. Her life could have been meaningful, precious and full of beautiful events but she passed away too soon. Another similar accident took the lives of an entire family early this month.
In May of this year, four KUET students died, again from faults in the gas line. Gas pipes in the country often remain unmonitored for days and leakages go unnoticed by residents and owners. There is another major problem of illegal sales of LPG gas cylinders which are often out of order and the shop owners do not have license.
Residential areas in the city no longer have gas connection which is why there is increasing demand for gas cylinders. However, most sellers and users are not aware of the proper use and maintenance of gas cylinders. Just like any other electronic gadget, cylinders too need to be regularly checked for leakage because the gas stored inside is under extreme pressure. On the other hand, expired cylinders are inexpensive and easily accessible by consumers.
The kitchen design in our country is also something that needs to be considered. If kitchens are spacious with good ventilation, gas explosion mishaps can be avoided. Most houses also do not have fire extinguishers and fire safety measures are alien to tenants as well as security guards. Educational institutions, banks, offices, shopping malls all need to be well equipped with fire extinguishers and fire doors. Moreover, hospitals and ambulance services need to be much more active in case of emergencies.
Every tenant, every owner and every individual should conduct proper and regular check of gas cylinders and stoves in their house. Gas cylinders in auto rickshaws and vehicles also need to be scrutinized for any fault before being bought. Authorities concerned also need to put a complete ban on illegal sales of LPG cylinders. If we all remain alert, we can avoid further accidents in the future.