Bangladesh’s natural gas demand projection for current fiscal year (FY) 2018-19 has been revised up by 8.5% to 1.35 trillion cubic feet (Tcf) on rising LNG imports, state-owned Petrobangla official said.
The previous projection of natural gas demand was around 1.24 Tcf.
Petrobangla official said natural gas demand will be the highest to the tune of around 657 billion cubic feet (Bcf) in power sector.
It will be followed by industry sector 253 Bcf, captive power plants 152 Bcf, household 133 Bcf, fertiliser 98 Bcf, CNG filling stations 41 Bcf, commercial sector 9.0 Bcf, and tea estate sector 2.0 Bcf.
According to Petrobangla, Bangladesh’s natural gas production was 971.6 Bcf in FY 2017, 973.2 Bcf in FY 2016, 892.2 Bcf in FY 2015, 820.4 Bcf in FY 2014, 800.6 Bcf in FY 2013, 743.7 Bcf in FY 2012, 708.9 Bcf in FY 2011, 703.6 Bcf in FY 2010, and 653.8 Bcf in FY 2009.
Bangladesh’s LNG imports are expected to hit 10 million mt/year by 2023. Its first LNG import facility started commercial operations in August, while the second FSRU, owned by Summit Group, is expected to come online by April 2019, said official sources. The country is expecting to start importing LNG under its second long-term LNG sale and purchase contract with Oman Trading International from May 2019. The agreement was signed in May 2018 for supplying 1.0 Mtpa over 10 years.
Bangladesh has also been working to ramp up natural gas production from its domestic gas-fields to meet the mounting natural gas demand.
The state-run Bangladesh Gas Fields Company Ltd (BGFCL) has initiated projects to install wellhead compressor stations in different wells to ramp up output, said a senior BGFCL official.
As of October 29, Bangladesh’s overall natural gas supply is hovering around 3.03 Bcf per day. Of the total gas supply, the IOCs are supplying around 1.65 Bcf of gas, which is 50.7 per cent of the supply.
Besides, the local gas producing companies are supplying 1.05 Bcf of gas, which is 32.3 per cent, and the remaining 327 mmcfd is being supplied as re-gasified LNG, Petrobangla statistics reveals.
The government’s long quest to overcome gas crisis will finally be over in the middle of 2019. If the gas crisis is overcome, industrial production will increase, thus improving the country’s economic progress, said official sources. Due to lack of gas supply, many of the industries in the country are not able to start production in full swing. The government cannot start providing gas to 3,500 factories across the country even after their getting approval for new gas connections. So, the government planned import of LNG to resolve the crisis. Recently Prime Minister’s energy advisor Dr Tawfiq-e-Elahi said, “We promised to give electricity, we kept it. Now I promise to give gas, we will also do it.” In the coming year, 150 crore cubic feet (LNG) will be imported to meet gas deficit, he said, adding that there will be no gas crisis in the industry.

Staff Correspondent