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Shahnoor Wahid
For God’s sake don’t teach our children a wrong history. By saying on camera that there are freedom fighters in Jamaat too, Nazrul Islam Khan, a member of the permanent committee of BNP, has openly insulted our War of Liberation and millions who have died for the noble cause. We wonder why not a single genuine freedom fighter entrenched in BNP has not protested yet against such outrageous and contemptible statement. Surely they have not sold their soul to the devil!
With that despicable utterance BNP has once again exposed the hidden face of the party before the nation. To be specific, it indicates BNP has not yet learned to recognise and respect our valiant freedom fight and liberation of Bangladesh, and could not accept the defeat of Pakistan in the hands of our freedom fighters. If they were updated with reality, and if they were in normal state of mind, they would not have said there were freedom fighters in Jamaat. No neutral researcher, who has done thorough research on our liberation war has been able to find a single person in Jamaat supporting the war for the creation of Bangladesh. Why should they? They believed in Pakistan and killed millions of Bengalis at their behest till the last day of the war.
Millions of pages have been written on the War of Liberation since 1972 but nowhere one will find a single name of a man or a woman belonging to Jamaat who had taken part in the glorious war for the creation of Bangladesh. Such a statement is not only audacious, it is ludicrous as well. Jamaat should decorate Nazrul Islam Khan with the highest award of the party. However, saner people are concerned about the mental health of Nazrul Islam Khan and advise BNP to take him to a psychiatrist for treatment.
Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) is known for its love for Jamaat e Islami despite the fact that there are many freedom fighters in BNP. These freedom fighters had fought against the Pakistani soldiers and their local cohorts to create an independent Bangladesh. These freedom fighters were also against the evil design of Jamaat during the 9-month long liberation war. They remained anti-Jamaat till the brutal assassination of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. But, with the turn of the table after 1975, they changed their coat and joined anti-liberation forces including Jamaat for money and power. This group of brave fighters and talented men who had taken part in our glorious War of Liberation and found their names etched on the pages of history of Bangladesh, one day took up arms against those who had fought beside them in the war fields.
BNP could never find their place in the hearts of the common people because of their stand against Bangabandhu and the War of Liberation, and their patronization of the lackeys of Pakistan. They have chosen the self-destructive path towards ignominy by going against the sentiment of the young generation. They should listen to the educated young people and try to understand what they want, what kind of dream they want to pursue and so on.
By saying that Jamaat has freedom fighters in the party they only lower their position in front of the leaders of tomorrow. BNP leaders should not think the young people of today are fools devoid of political knowledge. Go and talk to them and see for yourself how clever and intelligent they are. Find for yourself how patriotic they are when it comes to the War of Liberation and creation of Bangladesh.
For God’s sake don’t teach them wrong history.