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Foreign Minister AH Mahmood Ali will visit Rakhine soon to examine the place for Rohingya repatriation.
Foreign Secretary M Shahidul Haque said this after a workshop on maritime counter terrorism on Tuesday.
He said, “The foreign minister has taken an initiative to go to Rakhine to see himself the place where the Mayanmar authorities are planning to repatriate Rohingyas.”
“The minister will see if the houses are rebuilt or not, what will be their movement and other things,” Shahidul said, adding that he believes if a favourable environment for the Rohingyas is created, repatriation will
start soon.
Earlier on Nov 23, Myanmar and Bangladesh agreed to begin repatriating Rohingya, but refugees feared their lives would be at risk in Myanmar without international monitoring.
Myanmar and UN agencies signed another agreement that might eventually lead to the return of some of the 700,000 Rohingya Muslims who fled brutal persecution by the country’s security forces and are now crowded into makeshift camps in Bangladesh.